Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Time is Here Again

I have to admit something: I really did not like my job last year. case you didn't figure that out yet.  I used my blog as a distraction during lunch periodically, hence why ZERO posts during the summer.  A lot has changed including a move up to Fresno and starting a new job, but to sum it all up, I'm A LOT happier.  Graham and I moved into our new place in Fresno about a month ago and it's been a great change!  We've gotten plugged into a church small group with our good friends Becca and Phil and are church shopping at the moment.  We've gotten to see several college friends, and with Graham driving 95% less we've gotten to spend a lot more time together, too. 

New job has been really great, too.  I know it's still very early but the differences between this job and the last have really changed my outlook on teaching.  It's still not what I want to do for the rest of my 35 working years, be in the classroom, but I am excited about this year!  I'm coaching freshman cheer and teaching freshman and sophomore English.  My classroom is ADORABLE!

My red and green apple theme borders on a little too girly for the fellas, but suck it up, guys!  My room is awesome.  Hopefully I will be able to update more often, but one last awesome thing about this year: no name confusion!  Every student calls me exactly what I'd prefer.  :)  It's nice.